Cute iPhone 8 Cases for 2019 to Buy

You have loved your iPhone since you bought the first one almost ten years ago, you’re a loyalist! And all iPhone users know that they’re one of the few phones that are user-friendly as well as robust. However, one bad fall could either leave just a dent or ruin the entire display and could cost you a lot to fix. Which is why having a good quality phone cover is essential.

But before that, let’s discuss the factors one should investigate before buying a good-looking as well as a functional phone case, so your phone is well protected at all times:

1.   Price

You will barely find a cover that is worth your money, they’ll either be too cheap, and the quality might not be unto the mark, or the quality might be great, but the cover could be super expensive! It is a wise option to check with the manufacturer for a warranty on the cover and look out for knock-offs available online.

2. Reviews

If you like to do your homework before buying something online, follow the same rule when it comes to buying phone covers. Sometimes what is promised to you online, might not be how the cover reaches you. Look out for reviews where phone covers might have been delivered in a bad state, and you can’t even return them. If in case you are planning to buy a cover that doubles up as a wireless charger, then is ideal for reading reviews about the product and then investing. Not suprisingly, according to research, as many as 72% of customers will take action only after reading a positive review.

3. Level of Protection

A lot of your decision of buying a phone cover depends on how much and what kind of protection your phone needs. If you are famous for butterfingers, and dropping your phone all the time, getting a cover which is thick and solid is a good idea and if you are already extra careful, you require simple protection for your phone. The only reason why this factor is important is that there is a clear correlation between the level of protection and bulkiness of your phone cover.

4. Type of Cover

Rugged Covers and Tough Cases

Rugged covers and tough cases that are bulky and heavy due to the inclusion of air pockets and reinforced corners might add to the level of protection for your phone and will also reduce the risk of damage to your phone but will also add weight and bulk and will be expensive.

Slim or Basic Covers

Slim or basic covers protect your phone only from minor scratches and dents and if you are confident of not dropping your phone, or if you want to do justice to your phone’s design.

Folio Cases

Folio cases are like open wallet cases that are stylish and provide your phone with protection from all corners and the screen as well. You can use this as a wallet as well, but make sure you don’t lose your phone along with your credit cards.

Battery Cases

Battery cases are cases that come attached with a wireless charger and can add bulk to your phone but are also tough enough to protect it. Make sure apart from the type of cover that only protects the exteriors of your phone; a screen protector is essential to save your screen from scratches and damage.

We understand that you wouldn’t want to compromise on a good looking, trendy design because of your phone’s protection needs and you don’t need to either! This is 2019 and if you’ve got the latest iPhone 8, here are some cute iPhone 8 cases and covers that will serve your phone well along with protecting its glass back and make it look good too!

1. Cute Flamingo Phone case

We’ve seen Flamingos on pj’s, t-shirts and socks too! Now you will also find them on the back of your iPhone. These beautiful pink birds are painted across the back of transparent and soft silicone covers that have excellent grip and do not let the phone slide out from your palms or pockets. There are designs with flamingos are made in geometric shapes and flamingos with leaves and trees as well! This design is cute and tropical, and it can add to the level of panache to your phone as well as protect it! And guess what, a flamingo does symbolize protection after all!

2. Cute Heart Phone case

If you’re someone who likes simple, yet classy designs, this solid color heart-shaped phone cover is for you! This cover is not shaped like a heart, although it does have a heart-shaped camera hole that makes the design look elegant and minimalistic. It has become quite popular in the last few weeks and serves the level of protection required by your phone. Choose from the colors that best describe your heart, black or red!

3. Cute Pink Pig Nose Case with Popsocket

If you love pink and you think pigs are cute, this cover is made for you! It comes with an additional pop socket and is a slim cover made with soft silicone that doesn’t add to the bulkiness of your phone. The pop socket helps make your grip firm and guess what? You can also wrap your earphones around the pop socket, so you don’t end up using them, it’s a win-win situation!

4. Cute Cat Case with Ears

If you’re somewhat of a cat person, you will love this phone cover. And even if you aren’t these cute cat ears will melt your heart! This cover is very popular since the design is minimalistic and charming and, in addition to that, the soft silicone material makes sure the cover has a good grip in your hand as well as anywhere else you might leave it. These are available in solid colors like black, pink, magenta, white, baby pink and more!


In conclusion, there are endless options available online and to choose from, depending on what your phone requires. So, get out there and get yourself a cute iPhone 8 case that brings out your sweet, flirty side and makes your phone look good and adds to your style!

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