5 Best Wireless Car Chargers (Buyer’s Guide)

Our world has drastically changed in just a few decades, and what changed it the most is technology! Most of the things that existed a few decades ago have either gone extinct or placed in museums because of technology and that is a good thing because we are progressing towards better options. One of many things that modern technology brought with it is the wireless charger. It is is super convenient to charge your phone wirelessly.

Having these charging pads around the home is nice because you no longer have to deal with annoying cords. But where you really need wireless charging, is in the car. Both for convenience and safety. And when wireless charging is coupled with a mounted car phone holder, it is complete! We now have some of the best wireless car chargers that simply need the phones to be placed on them and the charging will start automatically.

Not only these wireless phone chargers for car have made life of virtually every car owner easier, but also safe because now you do not need find and untangle cables while driving the car. So, if you also believe that wireless chargers are a blessing and want to get one for yourself as well, then we suggest that you read this guide till the end. Not only will we tell you tons of useful things about cable-free car chargers but we will also provide you with the list of top wireless car chargers for you to choose from.


The Best Wireless Car Chargers – Overview

If you already know all about wireless chargers for the car and are eager to get yours right away, please feel free to skip this brief overview and find the five different car mount chargers further below in this article. For those of you that want to learn more, keep on reading!


What Is a Wireless Car Phone Mount? 

Cordless car phone chargers transfer power to your mobile phone from a power outlet without the need of a connecting cable. Typically, wireless phone chargers for car involve a pad that transmits power and a receiver of power that can either be built into the phone or into the case of the phone. So, in other words, if your cell phone does not possess a receiver within the phone, you can simple buy a separate phone case that transforms your phone into a mobile phone that can be charged wirelessly.

Just remember that wireless car chargers are not completely cable-free because the pad will be connected with the outlet through a cable. However, your phone will not be restricted by a cable, it will be more flexible than ever before. If you, like me, are spending hours in the car each week, this is the best thing since sliced bread.


How Does Wireless Charging Work?

The concept of wireless chargers is based on inductive charging where the power is created through the use of two coils from which the electrical current passes and an electromagnetic field is created. 

Now when the magnetic plate (receiver) comes in contact or in the range of this electromagnetic transmitter, electrical current is generated. 

So if the mobile is connected with the receiver, the current will be converted into DC (direct current) and will start to charge.


Why You Need a Wireless Car Mount

Wireless car phone chargers have changed the whole game of how phones used to charge. Now it is a lot more convenient and quick to charge your phone which is the #1 reason why you need a wireless car mount. However, have a look at a few more reasons why you need one in your car right now!

  • Highly Convenient: The convenience that wireless car charger brings cannot be topped by any other mode of charging. All you need to do to charge your phone is to just place the phone on the charging pad or in the wireless charging magnetic car mount and it will start to charge. No need to find the cable, get it to fit correctly and then put your phone someplace safe. 


  • No Fear of Cable Damage: One of the nightmares that people with regular chargers face is the damage that their charging cable suffers, especially from the end that goes into the phone. This not only results in the replacement of cable after a few months but your money is also wasted. With wireless phone charger for cars, you do not have to face this issue. Its wirelessness eliminates the use of cables to charge the phone.


  • Drive Safely: According to the National Safety Council; In 2018, around 40,000 people lost their lives to car crashes in the U.S. alone. These accidents mostly happen due to small mistakes such as taking eyes off the road for a few seconds. Imagine you are on an important call with someone while driving and suddenly your phone battery dies, what will you do? If you have the regular charger, you will have to find the cable and plug it in which means you will have to take your eyes off the road. However, with the wireless car charger, you just need to put your phone on the pad or mount and it will begin charging.

The above mentioned few reasons should be enough for you to understand why you need a wireless car charger; it is convenient, cheap and safer.


Types of Mounted Phone Chargers for the Car

  • Suction Mount: This is one of the most commonly used type of wireless phone chargers for car mainly because of their suction mount design. There is a suction cup located beneath the stand of the charger and you can not only mount it on the dashboard, but also at the windscreen. To further understand how the suction mount charger works, have a look at this review video.


  • Magnetic Mount: This one is the most interesting one. The wireless charging magnetic car mount charger attaches the phone to itself because of its magnetic phone mount area. Though it is mounted on the car or dashboard through a suction pad, what makes it different from suction mount is that it does not hold the phone with a claw, it has a magnetic charging area where you just place the phone and the phone will stick to it and start charging. Have a look at video review of wireless charging magnetic car mount charger.


  • Vent Mount: As the name suggests, these wireless car phone chargers are mounted on the vents of your car’s air conditioner/heater through a clip and then you can just place your phone in its claw that firmly holds it. Here’s a video review of a vent mounted car charger that will help you further understand how it works.


Top 5 Best Wireless Car Chargers – Find Yours!

  1. Car Mount Wireless Charger – Easy to Install

Best Wireless Car Chargers - Car Mount Wireless Charger

If you are looking for the best wireless car charger in terms of ease of use then this is just the one for you. The simple mounting mechanism quickly and firmly attaches to the vent and stays in place until you move it yourself. Furthermore, the charger has a 360 degrees rotation charging pad which means you can easily adjust the direction of your phone while driving the car.


  • Magnetic phone attachment
  • Works with all standard Qi phones
  • Very small size
  • Attach anywhere on the dashboard
  • LED light for charging


  1. Wireless Car Phone Chargers – Very Convenient

Best Wireless Car Chargers - Wireless Car Phone Chargers

Next one in our list of best wireless car chargers is the claw grip charger. Its three adjustable claws tightly grip the phone of virtually any size and do not let it even budge a bit during bumps. Furthermore, it has a fast-charging feature that can charge your phone faster than standard chargers. In addition, its anti-short-circuit mechanism keeps your phone’s battery secure during the charging period.


  • Protection against short circuit 
  • Three-sided locks for added protection
  • Firmly holds smartphone
  • Charges faster than standard chargers
  • Charging indicator light


  1. Universal Wireless Car Phone Charger and Holder

Best Wireless Car Chargers - Universal Wireless Car Phone Charger and Holder

Number three in our list of best wireless car chargers is the suction-cup mount charger that you can not only mount on your dashboard but also on the windscreen. The striking feature of this wireless charger is its 360 degrees rotation. This allows you to rotate your phone in any direction you want which means you can call, text or even watch movies (for the passenger) while you are just passing the time in your car.


  • Hybrid of plastic and silicone
  • Compatible with all Qi devices
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Colorful LED light for charging
  • Firm grip with three-sided locks


  1. Universal Convenient Wireless Silicone Car Phone Charger

Best Wireless Car Chargers - Universal Convenient Wireless Silicone Car Phone Charger

Looking for something that is extremely simple and convenient? Well, this wireless charging pad is your go-to charger. It does not require any mounting at all, just place it on top of your dashboard, put the mobile on it and you are done! This simplicity makes it one of the top wireless car chargers and what makes it even better is its big size that can accommodate any smartphone. 


  • Gel material grips for a tight hold
  • Made of silicone for flexibility
  • Big size for any smartphone
  • Comes with USB-C and iPhone charging ports as well
  • Side claws for holding the phone horizontally 


  1. Wireless Fast Car Smart Phones Charger

Best Wireless Car Chargers - Wireless Fast Car Smart Phones Charger

The last one in our list of top wireless car chargers is similar to the suction cup design we discussed above but more compact. If you have a small car, especially the two-seat version, you would not want a big charging pad taking up space on your dashboard or windshield. That is why this charger is designed to not only save space but also accommodate most of the phones due to its adjustable claws. The simplicity, small design and 360 degrees rotation make it the best wireless car charger for small spaces.


  • Durable ABS material
  • Compact size and lightweight
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • Adjustable width with just a button
  • Comes with installing the pad 


What to Look For When Getting the Best Wireless Car Chargers?

  • Fast Charging: One of the main features of the best cordless car chargers is the fast charging. Some have it and some do not. But most of the models we have listed above have this feature. So if you are someone who is always on the go then you might need the car phone charger with fast charging so you can quickly charge your phone while you go from one place to another.


  • Type of Mount: There are different types of mounts that we have discussed above and all of them have their own strengths and weaknesses. If you go for vent mount, you cannot mount it on the windshield or the suction mount on vents. Furthermore, a simple charging pad might not allow you to conveniently use the phone on the go. So it depends on your preferences and usage of phone when it’s charging. 


  • Flexibility: If you want your phone to face towards you while you are in the car for reasons like video calling, video watching or simply browsing through the phone then you might need to get a flexible wireless charger. It should allow you to rotate your phone to 360 degrees while it is charging.


  • Headphone Jack: A problem that some people face with wireless chargers is that some cover the headphone jack when your phone is charging, especially the ones with claw design. Make sure to check this as well if you are a frequent headphone user.


Some Frequently Asked Questions:


Are Wireless Chargers Safe?

Yes! They are safe and you should not worry about your or your phone’s safety. According to PowerMat (pioneers in wireless charging); the electromagnetic field that wireless charger creates is very small and similar to a WiFi network which means it cannot do any harm to anyone.

How to Install Wireless Phone Charger in Car?

It is really simple, all you need to do is attach charger’s mount to an area of your choosing in your car based on its type (suction or vent), send power to it by connecting its cable, place your phone and you are done. It should not take more than 60 seconds.

Do You Need to Plug-in Your Phone to Wireless Charger?

No! You just need to plug in the wireless charger to a power source and then just put your phone on the wireless charger, the electromagnetic waves created by the charger will charge your phone. So no, you don’t need to plug in your phone.



Well, that concludes our guide on best wireless car chargers and many important concepts related to them. We hope that you thoroughly read this guide and have now become a wiz of wireless charging. 

Just make sure that you do not search too much about which wireless charger is best because there are hundreds of models out there and you can easily get confused. 

It is better that you go through the list of top wireless car chargers that we have created and select the model based on that, you will be thanking us for this list.

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