Best Car Phone Holders in 2019 [Buying Guide]

Best Car Phone Holders in 2019 – Our Picks

Using your phone while driving the car has become a need more than a luxury. People use GPS to get directions for their destinations, and that requires the usage of phone while you are on the road. Arguably, this is not only extremely dangerous but may also be illegal in some places. According to a traffic accidents analysis in British Columbia; cell phones increase the odds of a crash by 70 percent for people who use them while driving than those who don’t. So, to help you in having a safe driving journey while using your phone, we have created a list of best car phone holders in 2019. The list encompasses different mounts like steering wheel holder, Windshield suction cup mount, Rear view Mirror Phone Holder, Galaxy s9 car mount and more so you can choose the one that fits your need. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

Flexible Phone Holder for Car

When it comes to getting the best car phone holders in 2019, you need something that is installed instantly and stays there for a good amount of time. While that is possible with the rear view mirror as well, you may need to fix some screws to place it. However, this flexible windshield sticking phone holder just needs a bit of pressure, and it will stick perfectly eliminating the need for screwing. Some of its features are:


  • Fits on all types of cars
  • Very strong adhesive suction pad
  • The inner clip is made of soft silicone that prevents phone screen scratches
  • Fully adjustable 360-degree rotating wheel
  • Secure as well as easy mounting system, no screwing is required


  • Just put on the windscreen and you are done
  • Both the neck and the clip are adjustable
  • Can hold good amount of weight


  • May leave adhesive residue on windscreen
  • Size of the clip may not fit bigger phones

Rear View Mirror Phone Holder

If you are tired of using the same old steering wheel holder or the windshield suction cup mount, then this rear view phone holder is going to be your perfect travelling companion. It is highly adjustable 360 degrees spherical swivel allows you to adjust it according to your eye level, so that you don’t have to look up or down to see your phone’s screen. Some of the features are:


  • Comes with a 360-degree spherical swivel which means more phone adjustments
  • Directly installed on the mirror which means no brackets, cradles or gel residue on car mirrors or dashboards
  • The clamp is screwed to the rearview mirror so that your phone will not fall with the holder
  • Its universal attachment capability allows many brands of phones to be attached with it


  • Perfect for small phones
  • Doesn’t Obstruct Your Vision
  • Great for people who use GPS


  • May hide side buttons of big phones
  • Fits on small size mirrors

Steering wheel holder for mobile phone

This one is unequivocally among the best car phone holders in 2019. The compact design and innovative structure of this steering wheel holder does the job incredibly when it comes to holding the phone in its place. Basically, this one is perfect for people who like to navigate through their GPS when driving as they will only have to look at the steering wheel. Some features are:


  • Quick attachment and detachment
  • Equipped with very strong non-slip rubber which fits firmly with your steering
  • The phone holder bracket automatically adjusts with your phone’s width
  • Perfect for free calling and GPS navigating


  • No need to stick or screw this phone holder
  • You can look at your phone while driving
  • Very compact size that won’t take much space


  • May come in the way of your speedometer
  • Some people may need to put the cover on the steering wheel to fit this holder

Windshield Suction Cup Mount Phone Holder

The list of best car phone holders in 2019 is incomplete without the windshield suction cup mount. Not only this holder has a flawless grip; it keeps your phone in place even when there are bumps on the road. Have a look at some of its features below:


  • Phone holding clip can be rotated to 360 degrees
  • The handle can be adjusted to 180 degrees
  • The firm adjustable arm that prevents shaky screen
  • Easy-to-access audio and charging ports
  • Stays mounted even in high heat environments


  • No glue or gel residue on the windscreen
  • No effort of screwing to mount
  • Perfectly adjustable


  • Its neck is very firm which means you cannot turn it much
  • You may need to push it with pressure on the windshield to create suction

Convenient Vent Phone Holder

When it comes to beautiful design and elegance, this vent phone holder takes the prize. Its triangular structure not only makes it more stylish, but it also provides great support to your phone, so that it does not fall off during speed bumps as well as quick turns. Furthermore, some of the features of this well-deserving candidate in our list of best car phone holders in 2019 are:


  • Futuristically neat and sleek design
  • Silicon mats in the holder protect your phone against scratches
  • The ball joint allows 360-degree rotation providing multiple viewing angles
  • Pop the phone in the mount or out of it with just one hand
  • Allows the space for charging and audio ports


  • Keeps dashboard clean
  • Made of durable aluminum material
  • Phones with screen protection case can also fit


  • May cover your air vent

Benefits of Using Car Phone Holders:

According to Science Direct; 85% of Americans use cell phones while driving. Consequently, 85% of people can increase their safety and comfort if they just get a car phone holder. You may not realize how beneficial these car phone holders can be. So before getting any mount from our list of best car phone holders, have a look at some of their benefits below:

  • Your phone stays safe and secure during the journey
  • Prevents your phone from sliding into dangerous places like underneath the pedal
  • It is safer to place your phone somewhere secure, so you can use it as a navigational device instead of holding it in your hand
  • Make hands-free calls without the use of any additional hardware
  • You can safely control the entertainment system in your car

Things to Consider Before Buying Car Phone Holders

When it comes to buying any type of mount including the Steering wheel holder, Windshield suction cup mount, Rear view Mirror Phone Holder or the Galaxy s9 car mount, you should keep these things in mind:

Car Interior

Look at what your car’s interior is like and what type of mounting system will be perfect for it. For instance, if the windshield of your car rises very steeply from the dashboard, you may not be able to install the windshield suction cup mount.

Phone Type

There may be a different holder for your phone type. For instance, you may need a specific Galaxy s9 car mount, and the typical mounts may not work with your s9. Also, you may like to charge your phone while driving so you will need the mount that has the space for charging port.

How You Plan to Use the Mount

If you are planning to use your phone mount only one or two times, then you may choose the more cost-effective mounts in our list of best car phone holders in 2019. But if your use is frequent, then you may choose the durable ones like the vent phone holder, rear view mirror phone holder or the windshield suction cup mount.

Over to You

In conclusion, these are the things that you need to keep in mind when getting a phone mount. Also, our list of best car phone holders in 2019 will surely help you pick the one that is well suited for your needs and your car type. Moreover, if you have any questions or you need any type of help, you can always contact us, and we will be happy to help.

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